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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo - The last business to reopen that could reopen after the massive Manitou flooding is up and running.  Stick Em Up Signs and Decals is cleaned up and ready to go.  Owner Angie Findlay tells me a forced week to close,  hurt this fledgeling business.  It's only been open for six weeks.  The business is also the downstairs home to Angie's Ebay business.  She tells me the water and mud significantly hurt  that part of her company, " We lost our entire Ebay store and that's what supported our family and supported the decals business."

Despite the significant loss of Ebay property for sale, Angie and her family and plugging along with the signs and decals.  I watched as she and her daughter were making special ones for the volunteers who helped dig out the mud and helped dry out the community.  Findlay showed me the decals that say,  I dig Manitou, 2013, "Here we are making decals to give to the volunteers.  Anyone who got their hands dirty. It's symbolic the mud that they were slinging around."

Natalie Johnson was a key volunteer coordinator for the thousands who helped dig out the community after the flooding.  She told me she's proud of what people did and how they handled this painful chapter in the community, "When you talk about a town of five thousand people and knowing that we had four thousand volunteers come through, I want to believe that nearly everyone who lives here stepped in and helped in some way or another."   Johnson also talked about the future of this volunteer effort, "I feel that by Wednesday, the bulk of volunteer jobs, the cleaning will be done and then we will have to start looking at prevention."

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