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Low number of voters turn in ballots for Tuesday's election

Details on Tuesday's Election

Low number of voters turn in ballots for Tuesdays Election

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Only 27 percent of eligible voters turned in their ballots for the general municipal election in Colorado Springs as of 9 a.m. Friday morning.

Tuesday's election will determine seats on the City council.  There are two issues on the ballot as well.  Issue one asks voters about Trails, Open Space, and Parks monies. It seeks to transfer money from park acquisition to park maintenance.  Issue two decides if City Council members should get a pay raise.

Election judges sorted through piles of ballots in the city administration building. However, it's only a fraction of the ballots the city clerk hopes to receive.

"It's really important that they really focus on these local elections because they are much closer to that local person than they ever would be a federal or state person," said City Clerk Sarah Johnson.

Johnson recommends eligible Colorado Springs residents wanting to mail in their ballots to get them in Friday's mail to make sure they're counted. If not, ballots can be dropped off at locations around Colorado Springs until 7 p.m. Tuesday. [The list of drop-off locations is included at the bottom of this story.]

One resident said he plans to vote, but he needs more information on the issues first.

"I do feel like as a city, we are probably under-informed when it comes to that type of stuff," said the resident.

He was one of many voters downtown Friday who said they plan to vote, but haven't turned in their ballot yet.

The city clerk said low numbers point to voter fatigue.

"Coming off the presidential election, everyone is energized. The media is bombarding you with information from the candidates, you're getting mailer after mailer after mailer so it's on everybody's mind so it's really hard for any election that follows a presidential [election]," said Johnson.

One voter said he always casts his vote, not matter what.

"I always vote when there is an election.  The issues were important, maybe not earth-shattering but certainly worth voicing an opinion over," said the resident.


Drop off locations:

Colorado Springs Senior Center (1514 North Hancock Avenue)

Fire Station #8 (3737 Airport Road)

Stetson Hills Police Substation (4110 Tutt Boulevard)

Pikes Peak Library District — East Library (5550 North Union Boulevard)

Citizens' Service Center — EPC Clerk's Office (1675 West Garden of the Gods Road)

Centennial Hall — EPC Clerk's Office (200 South Cascade Avenue)

DMV at Powers Blvd. and Airport Rd. (5650 Industrial Place, Suite 100)

North Union Town Center — EPC Clerk's Office (8830 North Union Boulevard)

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