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Luring California businesses

Pueblo attempts to steal businesses from California

Luring California Businesses

PUEBLO, Colo. -

Southern Colorado is telling the Golden State, "we're better." New tax hikes for California business owners could mean they'll make Colorado their home.

A video and link are being emailed to California businesses outlining the benefits of moving to southern Colorado. The first batch of emails went out last week to more than 10,000 employers.

"I hate to see any company pick up and move, because of the environment that has been created, but if they are going to move I certainly want them to look at southern Colorado," said Steve Wright, chair-elect for PEDCO.

The Pueblo Economic Development Corp. and the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance are working together to lure California businesses to Colorado.

"California is a prime market right now, they have some tax issues as well as just  their business legislation  that makes them uncompetitive. We know there are a lot of business owners that are looking to relocate," said Jack Rink, president of PEDCO.

Normally, cities try to steal businesses from each other but that isn't the case here.

"To the rest of the world, they don't differentiate Colorado Springs from Pueblo. They think Colorado, then they think southern Colorado. We just think it makes a lot more sense to cooperate than to compete against each other," said Rink.

He said since the emails have gone out, he has noticed a spike in traffic on the website.

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