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Maketa: Communication Could Have Been Better During the Waldo Canyon Fire

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. - The El Paso County Sheriff's Office presented its after action report on what went right, and what went wrong during the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The Waldo Canyon fire burned not only Colorado Springs, but other parts of El Paso County. Sheriff Terry Maketa talked about how the county handled the disaster during a Thursday press conference. He said communication could always be better. One of the greatest challenges was when the fire entered the city.

Different agencies use different types of radios to communicate so coordination was difficult.

"With any incident whether it is of this magnitude or even smaller the communication with individuals involved is always a weakness. It is something that we strive in during our regular duties throught the day but certainly when you look at this incident," said Maketa.

The Sheriff also touched on personal responsibility. The report indicated many people had a false sense of safety even when deputies told them about the evacuations.

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