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Man angered by CSPD parking job over Bijou Bridge

Angry citizen sharing traffic-blocking parking job by CSPD

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A viewer hopes pictures he snapped Wednesday of a Colorado Springs Police Department officer blocking the bike lane and part of traffic on the Bijou Street bridge prompt a response from the department.

Dwayne Banks was astonished by what he nearly ran into on the bridge. Banks said the officer doing speed enforcement had no regard for the bike lane or the right-hand driving lane over Interstate 25.

"To get around that police car, a bike has to violate law so it's a catch 22," said Banks.

Banks said it brings up a safety issue for drivers and cyclists but also and enforcement issue.

"Do not write a ticket for someone riding on the sidewalk if you're going to sit there and block a bicycle lane," said Banks.

Police did not want want to go on camera to address the pictures. They did release a statement saying, "By law, we do have the right to stop and stand for the purpose of monitoring traffic and enforcing laws, as long as we do it safely. We have no restrictions covering enforcement of traffic laws on state or federal highways that fall within our jurisdiction."

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