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Man arrested for second time on burglary charges

Laptop provides break in case of NE Colorado Springs burglaries

Burglary Ring Busted

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police believe a man committed as many as seven burglaries since early October.

Corban Elmore, 38, was arrested Tuesday on a burglary charge.  Police said they also arrested him on Halloween for several break-ins on the city's northeast side.

Elmore was arrested near the intersection of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Beverly Street.  Police said on Oct. 29, he stole a laptop and two handguns from a home on Rockville Drive near Powers and Dublin Boulevards. 

"When I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door, I think he was still there," said homeowner Brian Beerer.  "When he heard the garage door, he got out of there.  Otherwise, I'm pretty sure more would be gone."

Police said Elmore sold the laptop to a man who tried to pawn it at a pawn shop, not realizing that shops work with police to watch for stolen property.   By talking with that man, police traced the laptop back to Elmore.

It stops (thieves) from ripping off other pawn shops or ripping us off on another item," said Charlie Bliss of Ace Loans & Pawn on Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs.  "The downside for us, is we invest in the item and lose it.  We could get restitution later, but it's usually a problem."

Police arrested Elmore on Halloween near the intersection of Constitution Avenue and Peterson Road.  They said he matched the description of a man seen driving around the area with what likely was stolen property.  Elmore was free on bond from that arrest when he was apprehended on Tuesday.

Police said they will announce next week when and where burglary victims can claim their property.

Beerer has his laptop again and hopes his guns will be returned soon.  He also has a stronger lock on his back door and installed a new alarm system.

"Right after it happened, I was paranoid," he said.  "But there's some relief now."

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