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Man is approaching girls near schools

Man Approaching Young Girls

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - It's happened four times in the last two weeks.

Police say it happened twice on Tuesday, May 13th. The first case happened near Meadowland Boulevard and Pearl Drive. The next incident happened ten minutes later down the road at Pearl Drive and Park Vista Boulevard. That is only blocks away from where it happened two other times at the end of April.

"I dropped my grandson off to school because I think it's important to know where the kids are, especially with this guy being out on the loose," said Jeanette Bogart, who was dropping her kids of at Russel Middle School.

The school is just minutes away from where a man is approaching girls.

"We don't allow them to go anywhere by themselves right now, because it's scary," said Bogart.

Police say the man is offering the girls money to watch him touch himself.

"It's just disgusting, how that happens," said Bogart.

The school district is paying close attention.

"They could be in a suit and tie, they could be in a dress in heels, you never know a stranger is just someone your not familiar with," said Devra Ashby, spokesperson for School District 11.  

The school has been warning parents and is working closely with Colorado Springs Police.

"Make sure that they're walking in groups or pairs that's really critical. A perpetrators is going to single out a student whose by themselves," said Ashby.

"It could be, that they know a lot of kids walk. Maybe parents should take the time to have a grandparent or an adult within eye distance of what's going on," said Bogart.

The most recent scare is being investigated as solicitation of Child Prostitution, a felony in Colorado.

In both cases, police say the man was driving a red pickup truck but the description of him is vague.

If you have any information you're asked to call Colorado Springs Police at 444-7000.

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