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Man may lose his license to grow medical marijuana in Pueblo County

Man might lose license to grow medical marijuana

PUEBLO, Colo. - A man could have his license to grow medical marijuana in Pueblo County revoked.

Gerard Uribe obtained the license from Pueblo County Commissioners in July, but on Thursday federal agents raided VIP Cannabis, where Uribe works.

According to the Denver Post, the federal government is investigating whether the store is tied to a Colombian drug cartel.

Pueblo County Commissioners said they conducted a background check on Uribe and found no wrongdoing.

"We wish the Drug Enforcement Agency would give us a heads up before we give licenses in Pueblo," Commissioner Sal Pace said.

Now he says the commissioners are going to take action.

"We are going to get the bad actors out of Pueblo, that's important for the future of a good regulatory environment," Pace said.

Uribe has a license to grow medical marijuana in Boone, but neighbors in the area aren't happy about it.

Beverly Magoon doesn't think Uribe won't grow anything on his property.

"There is no water out here, I don't know how they are going to possibly grow anything. I have 10 trees that have died because there is no water," Magoon said.

Pace said if Uribe has a criminal record, the commissioners will revoke Uribe's license.

"We are going to kick these type of characters out of our community," Pace said.

Pueblo County Commissioners will review Uribe's license on Monday.

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