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Man on a mission

Making the most of his military life and helping others off base

Man on a mission

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Tech Sgt Nick Pospischil is a man who is making the most out of his military career on and off Peterson Air Force Base.  He's with the 21st Security Forces Squadron, 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base.  Sgt Pospischil has helped train Iraqi Security Forces during his deployments.  He will soon deploy for Afghanistan to do the same with Afghan Security Forces.

This kind of training is something that Sgt Pospischil is born to do and loves to do it, "It's an in interesting opportunity to work with other military and help further the mission to transition Afghan forces." 

Nick's passion for off base training and helping children is what really got my attention and his nomination for our Wear Red Friday Hero.  Nick told me, "Whenever I deploy, I try to be pen pals or communicate with a local school.  I had some kids in special ed classes at Colorado Springs, King Elementary during a deployment.  I really connected with them.   It felt really good.  I really enjoyed it.  I try to give back, because when I was a kid in the Gulf War we had someone do the same with my class back in the early 90's.  It was interesting because I thought I got a lot of it.  So I thought I would do it for one or two classes when I deploy.

Senior Master Sgt Donnie Bolton is Operations Superintendent with the 21st Security Forces Squadron.  He's known Nick for more than a year.  He told me, "We need more people like Nick.  Any community would enjoy someone who gives back and is a positive role model."

Nick Pospichil's next pen pal group will be in his hometown of Cedar Rapids.  His Mom is on the School Board. 

Nick Pospichil's dedication to duty on and off Peterson Air Base makes him a true Wear Red Friday Hero.   

We wear red every Friday to support our military.  If you know someone who is a Wear Red Friday Hero, go to our front page and nominate that person.  Scroll down the right side of the page to find the Wear Red Friday Hero section.  This person doesn't necessarily have to be part of the military.  This nominee can do something for the military that helps them or even a military spouse who serves our community in a unique way.   I look forward to hearing from you.  

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