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Man who threatened youth center staff in jail

Andrew Herndon turned himself in, after threatening El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch

Caller who made threats in jail

PUEBLO, Colo. - The man accused of making threats to El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch turned himself in Friday, officials said.

Investigators said Andrew Herndon, 22, called El Pueblo Wednesday, and he threatened to hurt staff members. In his phone call, he indicated he may have been a former resident of the youth center.

"Kids come into our care all the time having just gone through crisis situations, and so we're used to that." El Pueblo President Sherri Baca, said. "However, the nature of this incident was completely unrelated to anything we've ever experienced before."

Herndon's message didn't target specific employees. And investigators said there wasn't an indicator that he may actually carry out his threats. But they still took safety precautions.

"Any type of a threat like this, to any of our residences, commercial businesses here within Pueblo County, we take very, very seriously," said Capt. Jeff Teschner of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office.

Herndon faces a harassment charge.

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