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Man whose son was killed when the two were hit by a car says others' support help him heal

Man talks about day his son died, after being hit by a car

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs man whose son died after the two were hit by a car in July, said others' support is helping him heal.

Raphael Hameed and his 5-year-old son, Ishaq, were walking home from the library on July 8 on Murray Boulevard near Bijou Street A car hit them, killing Ishaq.

"My body was shattered, my right leg was torn off below the knee," Hameed said. "And all I could think of was, 'Where's my son? Where's my son?'"

Hameed didn't learn about his son's death until a few days later, when he woke up in the hospital.

"My wife brought me the news, and I saw it in her eyes," he said. "She was tearing up, and she told me my son didn't make it."

Hameed said he doesn't remember much from that day, and he's thankful for that. Instead, he's focusing on his memories with Ishaq.

"I would do anything for my son, he said. "He was everything for me. And hand in hand, every day we would go to the library, walked to the store, and I talked to him like he was a grown man."

Hameed said Ishaq was very smart. He loved learning about the solar system, and he was good with computers.

"This boy was amazing," he said.

Hameed has been in the hospital since the day of the accident. His right leg was amputated, and he has had multiple surgeries. His wife has been by his side throughout this time.

"He's a remarkable person, and I'm very blessed to have him as my husband," Heidi Hameed said.

Hameed doesn't know when he'll get out of the hospital or what he'll do once he's released. But he's not worried. He said his spirituality has "kicked into overdrive." He's thankful for his faith and all the support he has received.

"That is the most beautiful thing as far as I'm concerned, is how people came together on my behalf, and my child's behalf and my wife's behalf," he said. "Thank you Lord, for the people you surrounded me with. I don't think anything else matters at that moment, just the people around me that give me hope that tell me I'll be better and I'll be stronger."

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