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Manitou Incline: Breaking all the rules

Manitou Incline: Breaking all the rules

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - No trespassing: It's a law many of us would ignore on the Manitou Incline. The incline is legal now, but there are still rule breakers. There were plenty of dogs and people coming down the trail. Those things are against the incline rules.

Hikers said they expect people to keep doing what they want.

There are no more trespassing signs, but plenty of sneakers hitting

 "I think people that do the incline are not necessarily inclined to follow the rules," said Rachel Jacobson as she got ready to start a hike of her own.

Dianne Myles made her way down the incline with her children. She said she didn't think some of the new rules were very fair.

"Some people can't make it all the way up, and some people like to take their dogs on hikes," said Myles.

Hikers said the incline still needs work, and wondered when they would see more changes from the government's end.

"People will enjoy it more. Hopefully it will be better maintained. There are actually some sections that are pretty derelict to say the least. A lot of climbing over things," said Neil Coleman.

Rule breakers or not, tourists and locals said the incline is always worth it.

The incline became legal in February, but Monday there will be an official dedication ceremony at 10 a.m at the base of the incline.

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