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Manitou Incline Opens Friday

Manitou Incline Opens Friday

The Manitou Incline will remove the "no trespassing" signs, and will become legal for hikers at dawn on Friday.

The popular trail was previously owned by the Cog Railway, the city of Manitou Springs and the federal government.  Under new ownership by the city of Colorado Springs, the incline will be accessible to the public.

However, many hikers told KRDO Newschannel 13 that the fact the trail was illegal did not deter them. 

"When you have this many people doing something illegal then obviously the body of people has spoken," said Stacy Ford.  Ford admits to hiking the incline several times before he was even made aware of the trail's illegal status.

There are new rules that go along with the legalization.  Dogs will not be allowed on the incline, hikers will not be allowed to descend down the incline and use of the incline will be restricted to the hours between dawn and dusk.

One woman said she believes the trail may become more crowded now that it is legal, but most hikers told KRDO Newschannel 13 they hope the legalization will create a safer and better maintained trail. 

"I think it's going to be an asset for the city.  It's a feature that other cities and communities don't have.  I consider us very fortunate to have an asset like this," said Marcy Morrison, COO of iMantou/Chamber.

For more information, see stories related to legalization process below.

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08/01/2012 House Passes Bill To Clear Up Incline Legal Status

07/30/2012 Bill To Clear Up Incline Legal Status Heads To House

05/11/2012 No Dogs, Other New Rules At Manitou Incline

01/19/2012 Manitou Incline Still Not Legal, But Almost

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