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Manitou leaders collect ideas to prevent future flood damage

Manitou Springs leaders listened to flood experts

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Manitou Springs leaders collected ideas from flood experts on how to prevent future flood damage.

The town was hit hard by floodwaters over the summer.

After the damage was done, Manitou Springs was figuring out ways to prepare for next flood season.

The Manitou Springs Flood Coalition teamed up with the Wright Water Engineers from Denver to assess the areas in Manitou Springs that needed the most attention.

They presented their findings to the people of Manitou Springs.

The group presented multiple ideas on how to change Canon Avenue.

Mo Morrow says she wants to see how the changes would work in real flood situations.

"I think there is some viable options here. It's going to take some time for me to digest what has been proposed, being a river runner, I have an idea of what water can and cannot do," Morrow said.  

Morrow, along with the other people who attended the meeting, had a chance to choose which idea they liked that would change Canon Avenue.

Manitou Springs City Administrator Jack Benson also likes the ideas, but money to support the projects would be better.

"Our big challenge is going to be funding, I mean part of the idea is you can engineer anything but the issue is how you pay for it," Benson said.

The plan is to have meetings like this every two weeks to keep people up to date on flood projects in Manitou Springs.


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