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Manitou Motels Clarify Pot Policies

Manitou Motels Examine Pot Policies

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - El Paso County's first recreational marijuana shop has Manitou motel owners developing new pot policies.

Dillon Motel is right across the street from Maggie's Farm. Owner George James says he's fine with his customers smoking marijuana in some of his rooms.

"If people want to smoke in smoking rooms, I have no problem with that," James said.

Down the street at the Park Row Lodge, it's a different story.

"Our policy is not smoking in any rooms in our motel," said Park Row owner Bozena Bogusz. "You can start a fire, of course, and the next guest might not like the smell."

Many Maggie's Farm customers are from out of state. They had mixed opinions about staying in a motel that allows marijuana.

"I think it's kind of along the same lines as someone who smokes cigarettes,  I'm sure they're going to seek out a room where they can smoke cigarettes and I feel like this is the same scenario," Duane Woods said.

Some people just don't want to deal with marijuana odor in their rooms.

"I think people shouldn't smoke in hotel rooms, motel rooms or any indoor place," said Teresa Cross.

Nick Woodward visited Maggie's Farm for the first time. He says he would prefer a cannabis-friendly motel, but wouldn't be opposed to staying in a non-smoking room.

"I like to show respect. If there's no smoking in the room, and that's where we're at, we're going to follow the rules," Woodward said.

While some Manitou motels allow people to smoke pot inside their rooms, Colorado law prohibits anyone from smoking pot outside.

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