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Manitou Springs City Council's plan for Canon Avenue has mixed reaction from the people

People in Manitou Springs split over the city's plan.

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - People in Manitou Springs are split over city council's plan for Canon Avenue.

City Council voted unanimously to buy 609 Canon Ave. for $10,000.

The city plans on building a detention structure that will trap debris if flooding occurs.

Susan Thomas lives in Manitou Springs. She is concerned that the city's plan for the area will ruin the land.

"I don't want to see the beauty of the area change," Thomas said.

Michael Roberts thinks the structure will work to a certain extent.

"It will keep the debris from coming down the road, but it's not going to help the water (from coming into Manitou Springs)," Roberts said.

Manitou Springs City Administrator Jack Benson said he has received criticism for buying the property.

"There have been a few property owners that think we shouldn't be spending money (because) it's a waste of time," Benson said.

Business owners are happy the city is making plans to protect Manitou Springs.

"(It gives me) piece of mind, (if) there is a potential situation with heavy rain, we're not stressing," said Manny Vasquez, who owns a shop in Manitou Springs.

The city plans on buying more property on Canon Avenue and Narrows Road before it begins construction.

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