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Manitou Springs homes damaged and destroyed by flood

Manitou Springs flood damage

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - The first time since the water receded, and neighbors Lalonnie Marschel and Kris Johnson saw each other, they wouldn't stop hugging; each thankful that the other wasn't washed away in the torrent of water that came roaring down Williams Canyon.

"Kind of like a monster tornado or a freight train coming down the canyon.  It was pretty nuts, you could hear it a good ways away," Johnson said.

Asked what he did when he heard the water coming, Johnson said, "Run…uphill."

Marschel was miles away when the thunderstorm was pouring on the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

"I tuned into the AM station, the Channel 13 station, then they were talking about pictures taken from the top of the bridge and the red truck and the brown house, I knew it was my house," Marschel said.

Marschel says she knew this day was coming.  The warnings and the worries about flash flooding concerns because of the Waldo Canyon fire were taken seriously.

"They gave us all the warning they could, we went to every meeting," Marschel said.

Nothing could stand in this waters way.  The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says 10 structures were damaged, 3 destroyed in the flooding.

Asked what's next, Marschel says moving.

"I can't even have my grand babies visit because I don't know what's going to happen.  I can't do anything because I don't know what's going to happy when it's going to rain, it's too hard," Marschel said.

Experts say flash flooding can be a concern for years anytime a heavy rain storm hits the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

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