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Manitou Springs offers free shuttle rides

Manitou Springs offers free shuttle rides

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Finding a parking spot can be a pain.

Manitou Springs started free shuttle rides today to make it easier for people to get around the city with tourism season around the corner, but as for the people who work in Manitou, that's not enough.

Mika Holtzinger works in Manitou Springs. She says parking gets so bad in the city, she has to find spots in different neighborhoods.

"What would normally take 20 minutes to get into town and find a space took me 35," she said.

Sometimes she has to pay for her parking in order to work.

"If we can't find parking in a residential area, then we have to pay $7-$10 a day to park and work here," she said.

Mayor Marc Snyder said finding a parking spot can be inconvenient for workers in Manitou, but the parking spots in downtown are meant for visitors.

"These are very valuable spots for our visitors and tourists," he said.

Snyder said there is a solution for workers in the city.

"I do think the shuttle is a perfect complement if you have a real problem paying a couple dollars to park, you can park east of city hall and ride the shuttle 12 hours a day," he said.

Lane Mitchell owns a jewelry store. He said visitors always come first.

"We have to keep the parking available due to the customers who want to park," he said.

Mitchell said if his employees have to spend money for parking, he will pay for it.

But as for Holtzinger, she said using the shuttle would be an inconvenience for her.

"We're carrying loads in, we have art openings, I hardly walk in the door empty-handed for the start of the day with the merchandise and things we carry," she said.

The free shuttle service will be happening until Sept. 13.


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