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Manitou Springs Optimistic For Summer Tourism, Fearful Of Rain

Manitou Springs Flood Preps

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. -   In Manitou Springs, stormy conditions are always a cause for concern. After a battle with devastating floods in the summer of 2013, people are still on edge.

  Heavy rains could cause the burn scar to send a flood of water downstream. Shop owner's KRDO spoke to said they hope the flood mitigation put in place, works as expected.

  For Patrick Alford, a shop owner in Manitou Springs, all he could do Wednesday is wait while the storms rolled in.

 "I saw the really dark clouds when I got to my house. I live downtown Colorado Springs, there was hail everywhere. I just could not believe, I was panicked," exclaimed Alford.

 The severe weather took him back to the floods of 2013.

 "We probably lost a month and a half of business in a three-month cycle," said Alford.

  Alford said business in Manitou Springs is far from usual, with shop closing their doors and others struggling to stay open. He hopes to help those still struggling by asking for donations, instead of setting prices for items at his shop, Loft Espresso.

  In order for business to get back to normal in the small community, flood mitigation is key.

  Alford explained the new flood protocol. "We have a strategy for sand bags, slides in the doors. If the water does come up between Adams and the elevator there is not a lot we can do but we have a jersey wall in the back to redirect the water."

  The real test for this summer's high waters will be the new flood mitigation C-DOT has constructed along Highway 24.

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