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Manitou Springs restaurant more relaxed at new location during wet weather

New Adam's Mountain Cafe offers relief

MANITOU SPRINGS - The owner and staff of a popular Manitou Springs restaurant hurt by last year's floods are more relaxed at their new location, during wet weather.

Muddy water from the flash floods last Summer swept through Adam's Mountain Cafe, taking a took a toll on business. Its owner decided to move east on Manitou Avenue, away from the flood risk.

"It's a relief," Farley McDonough said. "It's much more comfortable. Its easier to operate not being concerned about flooding, about water coming in."

McDonough said the staff still keeps an eye on the weather, but doesn't have to monitor it to the level it did last year.

The potential flash floods still affect Adam's Mountain Cafe through the Highway 24 closures. The Colorado Department of Transportation along with State Patrol close the highway from Cave of the Winds to Cascade because of the risk of floods.

"It's the main artery to get people to town, so anytime it closes, it definitely is going to have an effect on us," McDonough said.

McDonough said she's considering keeping the restaurant open between 3pm and 5pm, since that is the time several of the closures have taken place. The restaurant currently closes during those hours, so the staff can prepare for dinner. But McDonough said keeping it open would give people a place to wait out the storm.

Customers said they liked the old Adam's Mountain Cafe location, but understand why it had to move.

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