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Manitou Springs temporarily bans recreational marijuana

Only one resident spoke up at council meeting

Manitou Springs puts temporary ban on pot sales

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - Manitou Springs is banning recreational marijuana, at least temporarily. The whole community had the chance to tell the city what they think about that, but Tuesday night (9/3/13), only one person did.

The last couple of meetings were standing room only. That was not the case on Tuesday night.

The temporary ban lasts until December 31, 2013. Another part of the city's decision is to add an item on the November ballot asking voters to implement a sales tax on retail pot.

The hot topic didn't draw a crowd this time. Only one man said his piece about allowing businesses to sell recreational pot.

"Children will have easy access to marijuana. Wouldn't it make more sense to control that access through a facility like an alcohol beverage controlled store?" said resident Kevin McDonald.

Mayor Marc Synder wasn't surprised people seem to be more on board now.

"I think the folks that are maybe skeptical and concerned about this burgeoning industry are getting a little more reassured that we're really going to take this seriously," said Mayor Synder.

Putting a temporary ban will let the city figure out how it can regulate pot sales. It's something one resident says is the solution to the controversy.

"Just like you can't walk around drinking a bottle of beer or whatever, you can't go around smoking a joint. So I think if we enforce those types of things, then maybe you'll have less of an impact," said James Merritt.

Once the city gets the results of the November 5 election, Mayor Synder says he's sure council will talk about pot sales again at the November 12 meeting. 

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