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Manitou Springs to vote on recreational pot sales

Work session brought both sides

Manitou Springs considers recreational pot sales

Manitou Springs, Colo. - Manitou Springs is one of the last cities in Southern Colorado to decide what to do about selling recreational marijuana. Tuesday night city council opened the floor for people to give their opinions.

You definitely have both sides. Some want to turn pot sales away, others say go for it.

Colorado voters said yes in November, but that hasn't stopped city after city from discussing the option to say no.

"As a small community member, I have to protect my child from it. He's 16 what do I say? Don't do it? When my city council says do it," said Manitou Springs resident Gayle Mendoza.

Manitou springs hasn't said yes or no yet, but one man who's lived there for 25 years says the city needs to give the thumbs up.

8:57 "The voters voted for it. So that's two-thirds of the people that don't have problems with their kids that they're concerned about and those are the people we're trying to represent," said Justin Cummings.

But city council says Amendment 64 gave cities them the right to sit out.

"You can have this recreational use in your home or grow it in your home, but they gave the cities the opportunity to opt out and I think that was voted on. People knew that," said councilman Gary Smith.

Justin Cummings threw out the idea of only allowing Manitou residents to buy recreational pot, but the city attorney says under law the city probably can't limit sales to residents only.

Colorado Springs city council voted Tuesday night to "opt out" a second time. Pueblo, unincorporated El Paso County, Woodland Park, Monument, Green Mountain Falls and Palmer Lake have all opted out or have moratoriums. 

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