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Manitou talks flood danger after a day of rainfall

Community meeting held Wednesday

Manitou talks flood danger after a day of rainfall

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. - After a day of rainy weather, a community meeting about flood danger just happened to be on the agenda in Manitou Springs Wednesday evening.

A few dozen people who gathered at Manitou Elementary School heard information from representatives from the U.S. Forest Service, El Paso County Office of Emergency Management, National Weather Service and National Flood Insurance program.

"Whenever it rains there's concern," said Manitou city council member Randy Hodges. "Whenever there's rain in the forecast, I detect some panic."

Community members heard that the day's rain didn't cause any significant flooding over the Waldo Canyon burn scare, because, while it lasted for hours, it was slow and steady.

People at the meeting also learned about the mitigation work that's been done to prevent flooding.

"We've completed roughly 3,000 acres of treatment with wood and straw mulch," said Steven Sanchez with the U.S. Forest Service. "We hope that what we've done has helped improve the infiltration and reduced the impact from those raindrops hitting the bare soil."

Another big emphasis at the meeting---have a flash flood plan in place and practicing it.

"If the time comes that we need to head to higher ground, that means head to higher ground, not get in the car and head down the flood plain," said Hodges.

The forest service said community flood preparedness meetings will continue as long as there's interest from the public.

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