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Manning yardage record in jeopardy

OAKLAND, Calif. - Peyton Manning's single-season yardage record may be in jeopardy.

The Denver Broncos quarterback finished the season with 5,477 yards, breaking Drew Brees' 2011 record by one yard. However, Manning could lose that record if a pass on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders is ruled a run. The play in question is a 7-yard completion to Eric Decker at the end of the first quarter.

ESPN reports NFL record-keepers are reviewing the play. In one camera angle, the pass looks like a lateral, which would make it a running play. But a view from above shows Decker catching the ball at the Broncos' 48-yard line, with Manning throwing from slightly deeper than that.

If the play stands, Manning would keep the single-season yardage record. If it's ruled a run, he would have 5,470 yards this season, putting him 6-yards short of beating the record held by Brees.

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