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Many items left behind at the Colorado State Fair

State Fair Lost and Found

PUEBLO, Colo. - Labor Day marks the end of this year's Colorado State Fair.

As vendors pack up and crowds head out of the gates, many items get left behind. Some of them are turned in to the lost and found office.

"We have a lot of keys, phones and credit cards here," said fair employee Dorothy Foster.

Josh Straube says he lost his keys on a carnival ride. He got them back at the lost and found office a few days later.

"I didn't think I was going to find them. I had all my keys on there," he said. "I'm glad that someone found them and turned them in. It's nice to know that people are honest out there."

Some items never get claimed, but a majority of them are returned to their rightful owner.

"We probably have a 75 or 80 percent success rate with returning lost items," said security officer Marty Alfonso.

Remaining items are sent to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office when the fair closes for the year.

Alfonso says people try to claim items that don't belong to them, so the office asks people to describe their property before it is returned.

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