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Mayor Against Council Pay Raise Ballot Item

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - You may not know, but Colorado Springs City Council members make less than minimum wage. It is a full time job that pays $6,250 a year.

One group wants council to earn more, but Mayor Steve Bach said council needs to get its act together before taking more money.

"My question to council was, how are we going to find that money?" said Bach.

The citizens group that proposed the ballot item wants councilors to make $48,000. The majority of council members thought the issue should be brought to voters, and the proposal made it to the ballot.

Not all council members thought it was a good idea.

"We need to figure out what councils responsibilities are going forward. For example, is council going to continue to be the governance for the utility company? If they are or not that is going to be a huge determinant of time grind and therefore compensation," said at-large council member Time Leigh.

In past council meetings, supporters of the pay raise said the livable wage would attract younger and more diverse leaders, Bach doesn't buy it.

"County commissioners make $87,500 a year. I haven't seen any young professionals pursue a county commissioner seat even though it's high pay," said Bach

If the measure passes it would cost $560,000.

The city would pay for half, and Colorado Springs Utilities would pay the other half.

It would go into effect in 2015.

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