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Mayor Bach and sister city

City Council member Jill Gaebler side by side with Mayor

Uneasy truce between City Council and Mayor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - City Council member Jill Gaebler was side by side with Mayor Steve Bach on Wednesday morning.  Both were talking about the proposed sister city designation for Colorado Springs with the city of ancient Olympia, Greece.  Mayor Bach believes it's a perfect fit since Colorado Springs is to be the City for Champions, "I think it's an obvious match up.  We are America's Olympic city and ancient Olympia is where it all started."

Council Person Gaebler is the legislative branch's new link to work with the Mayor on this project.  Yesterday there was a contentious situation at council with a decision and vote to override the Mayor's veto on a council-approved ordinance.  It would limit his power to make interim appointments.  Mayor Bach and the city attorney believed the ordinance was against city charter.  A majority on council including Jill Gaebler,  originally voted for the ordinance.  She was among those who changed her mind when presented with the legal opinion.  She voted against the veto override in a five to four vote.  She told me that when it comes to the city charter, "It's best not to piece meal issues that we have.  We should look at the charter as a comprehensive document and see what's better to define.  I would support a combined sort of committee that the mayor and council can agree on and come forward with suggested charter changes."

Council Person Gaebler hopes to see changes from a future committee that could be ready by the November election.

The sister city designation with ancient Olympia, Greece that Mayor Bach and Council Person Gaebler agree on,  could be hammered out within two years.  Mayor Bach says it won't cost taxpayer a dime.  Work would be done by existing city staff who are already working with Colorado Springs other sister cities.

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