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Mayor calls for probe into mistaken gun arrest at Pride Fest

Mayor Steve Bach wants answers about CSPD mistake

Springs Mayor Calls For Probe In Mistaken Gun Arrest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Colorado Springs mayor is calling for a investigation into the mistaken arrest of a man who was lawfully carrying a gun in Acacia Park.

Target 13 Investigates broke the story of how James Sorensen was detained, cited and taken to jail after at least five Colorado Springs police officers and sergeants stopped him at the city's gay pride festival for carrying an open gun.

There is no law or ordinance that prohibits open carries in city parks. TARGET 13 found a mistake in a CSPD "cheat sheet" officers were using that indicated an almost decade-old ordinance banning open guns was still in effect. The error has since been fixed.

On Monday, Mayor Steve Bach released a statement saying that Police Chief Pete Carey will "launch an expedited review of the Acacia Park open carry arrest, and take all action necessary to ensure the Colorado Springs Police Department is consistent and appropriate in it's actions in this type of situation."

CSPD confirmed to TARGET 13 last week that an internal investigation into what happened is underway.

Sorensen was was released from jail after an hour, and his gun was returned to him two days later. He was informed last week, nearly three weeks after the arrest, that the charge against him would be dropped.

He said he's hoping for a public apology from the officers.

"To be humiliated in front of all the people at the park and even my partner, that's just not proper for law enforcement officers," said Sorensen.

You can watch cellphone video that Sorensen's partner took of the arrest by clicking here.

The incident took place the day after the mass shooting in an Aurora movie theater. In additional cellphone video that was captured, two officers mention the shooting to bystanders, one saying, "Not a good subject right now."

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