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Mayor has 'no position' on potential road closure through Broadmoor

Mayor not ready to weigh in on road closure near Broadmoor

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Broadmoor-area neighbors took advantage of a mayor's town hall meeting on the 2014 budget to ask Colorado Springs' top politician about a controversial road closure.

Mayor Steve Bach answered a handful of questions on the subject at the tail end of Wednesday's meeting at Broadmoor Elementary School.

Bach said he has no position on the potential closure because there's been no application submitted to the city as of yet. Once it is given to city administration, that will launch an in-depth study on traffic flow and evacuation routes by the city planner according to the mayor.

"I need to hear the whole process, especially the public input on that, and  when I do I'll form a judgement," Bach told the crowd.

Bach called the expansion idea "intriguing" because of the potential for bringing in big-name events like the U.S. Open, but said the plan that hotel leaders come up with will have to balance with public safety.

"I just hope there would be an open and thorough dialog and it will be data-driven, not emotional," said Bach.   

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