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Medical hash may be to blame for explosion

Medical hash may be to blame for explosion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - An illegal drug lab explodes in Lakewood injuring four people.  But it wasn't a meth lab, instead neighbors said the people were making hash.

Hash is a highly concentrated form of marijuana.  A local dispensary owner Renze Waddington said butane hash is often the most dangerous kind when people try to make it at home.

During production, "people tend to let butane gas loose in their house and it can build up and cause an explosion," said Waddington.

Waddington said dispensaries need special licenses and permits to make hash because of the dangers.

The explosion happened inside a shed in Lakewood on Saturday night.  Police said a lethal combination of drugs and chemicals triggered the explosion.

Police said four people were injured, most suffering from burns.

Recently, hash labs are being blamed for an explosion at a Michigan home and a San Diego Hotel.

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