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Medical marijuana strain helping kids with seizures

Medical marijuana strain helping kids with seizures

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Hundreds of parents are putting their faith in a group of brothers from Colorado Springs.

The Stanley brothers have gained international notoriety and praise for a strain of cannabis they developed.

 It's called Charlotte's web, and parents say it's cured their children's' seizures.

 It wasn't created by accident; it was a concerted effort to ignore decades of cannabis cannon by breeding out the very compound that gets you high.

 "Four 85 years of prohibition, CBD has been bred out of this plant and THC has been bred up because people wanted to get higher and higher," said Joel Stanley.  "It just made sense to breed CBD back into the plant to see what medicinal properties that compound would have."

 Initially called "Hippies Disappointment" because its lack of THC, what the brother's developed surprised even them.  It's because what it did for a little girl named Charlotte Figi.

 "To watch it take a little girls seizures from 200-400 per week to one or none every week, that was mind blowing," Stanley said.

 Featured on a CNN documentary "Weed," Charlotte, the Stanley brothers and their cannabis plant, renamed Charlotte's Web started a revival.  Instead of a tent, there's a greenhouse.  Believers with children just like Charlotte began moving to Colorado for a chance at their own miracle through marijuana.

 "The highest honor of our lives.  I can't imagine getting to do something cooler or better or more fulfilling than what we're doing," Stanley said.

Sickness doesn't have borders, but for now, this plant does.






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