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A college student on a mission.
His target: the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.
Anthony horton knew nothing of the sheriff Maketa scandal when he chose to intern in el paso county.
He's a college senior in upstate New York.
And even after a week in Colorado Springs, he still hasn't met the sheriff.
I haven't experienced any of that, really," said Anthony Horton, intern at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. "I have no say on it."
Instead, he's worked in communications, on patrols with deputies, learning everything else that's gone on inside office walls.
"They're all take their jobs seriously, they are looking to protect the people. They're not out to get you," he said.
Law enforcement doesn't run in Horton's family line, he has a cousin who's a cop, but his parents have desk jobs.
Horton's on a mission: five jobs in five weeks.
The inspiration came from his professor... film producer Daniel Seddiqui.
In his documentary, Seddiqui did 50 jobs across the country in 50 weeks.
Horton wrapped up an internship with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Friday and is on his way to Wyoming to intern with state parks.
"My long term career goals are to be in law enforcement," he said. "I'm gonna try to pursue law, get into DEA, border patrol, something along those lines."
While his first placement has been in a headline-making office, Horton insists the people he's worked with are dedicated.
And he thinks he's on the right career track.
"Gave me another spark to pursue it even more, because i enjoy it so much," Horton said.
He is one of five students who are doing these week long internships across the country.

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