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Meth Busters: Looking For Meth in Co. Springs Hotel Rooms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A hotel can look safe, but there could be a danger you can't see-- meth.  If a person smoked or cooked it in a hotel room, the residue will stay for years.

One man is on a mission to make sure you don't get sick. Richard Fleenor founded Meth Busters, and he goes around Colorado checking into hotel rooms and testing them for meth. The tests are free, and it they come back positive, he will inform the hotel.

"We are just going out and trying to identify places where you would think you're safe, and your just not," said Fleenor

KRDO NewsChannel13 followed Meth Buster into a Colorado Springs Hotel while he conducted a test. We will not reveal the name of the hotel until the results of the test become available. Fleenor said it it important to find out what chemicals are in hotel rooms to ensure adult and child safety.

"I know there is a large group of people that are using meth, and they are travelling from motel to motel, they are travelling from rental property to rental property," said Fleenor.

If the results are positive Meth Busters lets the hotel or motel know, and can connect them with people who can clean-up the problem.

Fleenor said he is paying for the testing out of his own pocket, and that he has no agreements with third parties.

Fleenor said he is just trying to raise awareness about a problem many choose to ignore.

The results of this test will be ready next week, and KRDO NewsChannel13 will update the story then.

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