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Middle schooler honored for heroics during 911 call

11-year-old earns Kid Hero Award for 911 call

SECURITY, Colo. - The El Paso County Sheriff's Office honored an 11-year-old girl and her then 7-year-old brother for the role they played in saving their mother's life.

In March, Elisa Santos fell and smacked her head while carrying items through the backyard of her Security home. She immediately began bleeding from a gash above her eye. Santos said she felt too dizzy to get help herself and asked her her daughter, T'ea, to call 911.

"I was scared at first," said T'ea. "She was crying in the background."

T'ea said she cried upon seeing all the blood, but remained calm and was able to answer several questions posed by the 911 operator. That operator said he kept her on the phone for about five to 10 minutes. He commended T'ea for being able to answer several questions about their location and the type of predicament her mother was in.

T'ea also lent a helping hand in her mother's care.

"They told me to put pressure on the wound," said T'ea, who relayed instructions to her mother from paramedics.

T'ea's brother Miguel, now 8, was also honored by EPCSO leaders for waving down paramedics and making it easier for emergency responders to locate the Santos home.

According to Elisa, it was no surprise that her daughter and son were able to help like this. She said because of various medical trials for both children, they are very aware of key information that kids need to know to help themselves in emergency situations, like their address, phone number and even their mother's birth date. Elisa said she's quizzed them on that information many times.

"I did not think it would be me [they were saving]," said Santos. "She just remained calm and focused on what the dispatcher told her to do."

The 911 Hero Award program was started by the Sheriff's Office in 1994. Four robots help teach students across southern Colorado how to use the emergency line and when to call 911.

T'ea said she plans on keeping her medal in her room but may take it to school as well to "show it off."

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