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Military K9 honored

Military Dog Honored

PUEBLO, Colo. - Soldiers, veterans and family members paid a special honor to a dog whose job was to find explosives in Afghanistan. Alf was put to sleep Thursday afternoon and his owner never left his side. The Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team gave him the military honors he deserved.

In the veterans section of Roselawn Cemetery, a special dog is honored.

"Alf is a veteran. We do what we can for all veterans," said Butch Chavez.

This is Alf with his family Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, Alf was wrapped in the American flag. Soldiers, other law enforcement dogs and Alf's family said their goodbyes.

"That dog served overseas, protecting our rights, and always under threat of being blown up and being shot and he protected his owner," said Chavez.

Alf was by Sgt. Edward Pfeifer's side for nine months when he was deployed in Afghanistan. Thursday, when Alf couldn't protect  Pfeifer anymore,  Pfeirfer made sure to look after him.

Alf was put down this afternoon after suffering from a spinal cord disease that took his ability to walk.

"It was really devastating, we didn't know how much  time we would have left with him," said Brianna Pfeifer.

The Pfeifer family didn't see him as a military dog.

"He was very lovable. He always liked the attention and if you pet him and if you stopped petting him he would bark and whine and want you to pet him some more," said Pfeifer.

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