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Military "Off limits list": How businesses get banned

Military restricted by 'off limits list'

FT. CARSON, Colo. - It's the list no business wants to be on: the list of places off limits to active military members in the Pikes Peak Region.

KRDO Newschannel 13 wanted to know how places get banned and if the process is fair.

"We do our utmost to not put people on this list or establishments on this list," said Jake Jacob, the Deputy Director of Emergency Services at Ft. Carson. "It's not about targeting people."

The list changes several times a year. On the most current list is realtor Alma Patrick,  bars Golden Cue and Sodo, as well as several Asian massage parlors and head shops.

"The things that we look at are bad business practices, if there's a heavy gang presence, potential over services issues, or just a place that has a lot of violence," said Jacob.

He explained that the list is made by law enforcement and military installations up and down the front range. The Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board makes the final call.

Jacob said military leaders work with business owners and go through a long and thorough process before deciding to ban an establishment.

Judith Negley, the owner of Independent Records, said she was surprised when she learned her shop in Fountain was being considered for the list back in May.

"I was very concerned when I got the letter," said Negley. "I was just freaked out."

The issue was that the store used to sell Spice, a type of synthetic marijuana. Negley said by the time she was contacted, the store had stopped selling it. She went to several disciplinary control board meetings to fight to stay off the list.

"The fairness with which it was conducted was, frankly, surprising to me," said Negley. "You tend to think they've got it in for you and you're going down, but that's not the way it was at all."

Independent Records was ultimately kept off the list.

Military leaders said businesses can always come off this list once changes have been made, like safety issues being addressed.

To view the list click here. There is a new list that is about to be published, and The Mansion nightclub on Tejon Street is no longer off limits.

Ft. Carson said soldiers caught going to off limits establishments are disciplined, but wouldn't elaborate as to how.

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