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Miracle on Tejon and Salvation Army dinners

Heaping helpings of holiday hope

A heaping helping of Christmas hope and poetry

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Two big events on Christmas day really reinforced the holiday hope and spread of good cheer for thousands.  The ninth Miracle on Tejon was sponsored by Old Chicago in downtown Colorado Springs.  Old C's manager, Todd Wyatt is proud he and his band of volunteers made sure that everyone had a great time.  Todd told me it's simple why he, his staff and others make this happen every year, "It's really nice to see we can make it a memorable day for the people who come here to Old Chicago.  It's special.  It's really a fun time."

Dorothy Monte, her daughter and her three grandchildren spent a special meal together and are glad to be at this event, "I think it's a wonderful day to be with family and enjoy yourself.  The people here are wonderful.  I love the people.  I just enjoy it."

Ten year old GuiTea and her family are also happy to be spending time together at the Miracle on Tejon, "You actually get to see your family on Christmas and spend time with them."

14 year old Madison Wojtkowik has been a volunteer server for a second year.  This Rampart High School student knows it is important to be here even if it's on a holiday that she could be sharing with her family, "I do this because it makes me feel good and helping others who need a little extra that we take for granted everyday."

The people who came to this Miracle on Tejon event were 400 homeless and needy families from the Pikes Peak Community Action Agency. 

The Salvation Army also had a big holiday spread going on at their locations.  It included food , warm clothes and big smiles and handshakes for those who made it to their early dinners.  Major Richard Larson says the volunteer spirit here in Southern Colorado is more than just a once a holiday moment, it's more than that, "It really shows the Christmas spirit in this town. People are willing to give their day to serve others a hot meal with a great attitude and a smile."

Major Larson tells me that he believes more than 2000 will be served at the various Pikes Peak area Salvation Army locations.

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