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Mixed feelings on sentencing for woman who gave gun to felon, used it to murder

Prison's director slaying case

Stevie Vigil sentenced to 27 months in prison

DENVER, Colo. - Families of the victims killed and a sheriff's deputy who was shot by Evan Ebel have mixed opinions about the sentencing for the woman who gave Ebel a gun. 

The woman who provided the gun that was used in the murders of the Colorado prison's director and a man from Denver will spend over two years in prison.

Stevie Vigil was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison on Monday (3/3/14) and three years probation. She pleaded guilty to giving Evan Ebel the gun used in the two deaths. Ebel killed Colorado
Prison's Director Tom Clements and Nate Leon, a pizza deliveryman from Denver in March 2013. 

Ebel was stopped in Texas for a traffic violation after the murders. He shot Montague Sheriff's County Deputy James Boyd three times. Deputies then went after Ebel on a high-speed chase. Ebel was eventually shot and killed.


The judge in the case said nothing would have stopped Ebel from committing the crimes. However, by providing Ebel, a parolee and convicted felon a weapon, Vigil broke the law.

Prosecutors wanted the judge to give Vigil an upward departure of six years in prison; more than the law requires for the crime. The judge denied the request and gave Vigil the two years and three months prison time, instead.

Leon's father said he was very disappointed with the judge's decision.

"You give a gun to a known violent person and to say that you didn't know what he was going to do, that's just beyond reasonableness. I can't believe the judge had that kind of logic, that Stevie Vigil didn't know what was going to happen," said John Leon. "Maybe not the specifics, but something. It's just beyond me."

On the other hand, Deputy Boyd said it came to the closest sense of justice that he will see.

Vigil's defense attorney Daniel Smith said he and Vigil were both pleased with the sentence.

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