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Mixed reaction on help from FEMA

People in Colorado Springs split over FEMA's help

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency's disaster relief center in Colorado Springs is moving to Black Forest, but for people in the Pikes Peak region, they're split on whether FEMA has helped their area.

FEMA has provided more than $40 million for people affected by the floods in Colorado, but Julie Jepson wishes she could have seen some of that money.

"They have not been supportive, they keep giving us the run around, and they cannot answer direct questions," Jepson said.

Her home on Cheyenne Road is damaged from the September floods.

FEMA opened the disaster relief center to help flood victims receive assistance for their damaged property.

Even though the Colorado Springs is moving, Taylor Collins feels FEMA has helped Cheyenne Road get back to normal.

"They have been instrumental in helping out with any kind of assistance they can to help us out around here," Collins said.

Jepson said even though FEMA hasn't helped her, she feels fortunate.

"We feel luckier than some and we will get over it and we are not going anywhere, we love the area, we love canyon," Jepson said.

If you were affected by the floods, you can still receive assistance from FEMA even though its moved locations.

The FEMA disaster relief center in Black Forest will open Monday.

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