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Mom of accused bank robbers says dad is to blame

Mom of accused bank robbers says dad is to blame

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The mother of two men accused of robbing multiple banks in El Paso County this summer says their dad influenced them with a life of drugs and crime.

Carolyn Butson is the mother of Nicholas and Braden Butson and the ex-wife of their father, Brock Butson.  Brock, Nicholas and Braden are accused of robbing seven banks and trying to rob an eighth. One bank was targeted five times, police said.  The Butsons were arrested two months ago at a motel on the city's south side.

Braden faced a judge Tuesday and was expected to enter a plea.  The judge moved his arraignment hearing to next week, but Carolyn told KRDO NewsChannel 13 that her son will plead guilty.

"He's taking responsibility," she said.  "He's ready to pay for what he did. My kid did make the wrong choices and he knows he made the wrong choices, but when a kid's influenced in the wrong way, I think the kid's going to make wrong choices at some point."

Carolyn said she was surprised to hear her sons and ex-husband were behind the robberies.  She said Brock introduced Braden to drugs when he was 14 years old and, despite her attempts to intervene, the boys went down the wrong path.

"I tried everything to get the boys away from him, but they just kept going back," she said.  "A boy wants his dad."

Nicholas pleaded guilty to the charges against him last week.  Brock Butson is expected to enter a plea next month.

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