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Mom sues over son's Spice death

She says Kwik Stop sold son synthetic marijuana

Mom sues over son's "Spice" death

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - She says synthetic marijuana, a drug known as Spice, killed her son. Now she's suing a Colorado Springs convenience store and talking with Newschannel 13 to explain why.

Stephane Colbert says her son died after buying synthetic marijuana at that store. She wants justice but tells us, that's only part of the reason she filed a lawsuit last Thursday (9/19/13).

"It makes me angry," said mother Stephane Colbert with tears in her eyes.

She's angry that her son 19-year-old son Nicholas Colbert could legally buy synthetic marijuana from a convenience store.

"He was somebody that always looked out for the underdog," she said.

The Kwik Stop on South Chelton was a place Nicholas stopped by all the time.

 "He would go in there to buy cigarettes or energy drinks," said Colbert.

 She's convinced the store sold him Spice.  When she heard about the synthetic drug on the news, his response was Mom, don't worry. I got this, she said. But Nicholas didn't have control. He died from Spice two years ago.

 "Parents shouldn't have to feel what I still feel," said Colbert.

 Stephane is suing the store to make a point.

"I don't want another child or another parent to go through this," she said.   

She believes Spice should be taken off shelves and made illegal.

"Our kids shouldn't be hurt like this," said Colbert.

She emphasized how parents shouldn't have to endure the heartbreak Stephane can't begin to describe.

"Kids are the ones that pass before us. They're in a better place, but the ones that are left behind, they're the ones that have to pick up the pieces," said Colbert.

Nicholas had recently graduated from Wasson High School. His mom found out after he died he had enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

A Kwik Stop employee told Newschannel 13 his manager decided not to sell spice anymore. It's been off the shelves for about a month.

We also asked Stephane why the lawsuit is filed in Denver instead of here where the convenience store is located. Her lawyer says it's because the spice experts are in Denver

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