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Mom ticketed for child neglect after car crashes with kids inside alone

Mom ticketed for child neglect

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A 25-year-old mother is in trouble. Colorado Springs Police say her car crashed with her three young children inside alone.

It happened Tuesday morning (4/29/14) at the Pinnacle Apartments near Austin Bluffs Parkway and Rangewood and Jenkins Middle School.

The driver, Carla Rivera, had three children under the age of four inside the car. Offers say she left it running and the vehicle started rolling backwards. It hit another car in the parking lot.

Although the crash was minor, police ticketed Rivera for child abuse, neglect, leaving her running car unattended.

"Every once in a while people will be warming up their car, they'll leave their kids in there, they'll run back into the house or the apartment for something else. It's a dangerous situation," said Lt. Catherine Buckley.

Rivera was also ticketed for not having car insurance. The three children were not hurt.

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