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Mom's special request for autistic daughter goes viral

Mom's request for autistic daughter goes viral

ST. GEORGE, Utah - People around the world used the internet to unite over a pink, flower-print shirt.

A Utah mom posted a request for such a shirt on Facebook to help her daughter, Cami, who has autism.

The post got a huge response, shared more than 5,000 times within days.

"Every day since this post blew up I've been teary," explained Deborah Skousen.

Cami, 10, has been attached to the shirt since kindergarten. Over the years, it's taken a beating, however.

"She has ripped, worn out her favorite shirt. She calls it her pink flower shirt. She's on her fourth one," Deborah said.

The shirt, purchased at Target, has been out of production since 2012.

When Target caught wind of her request, they tracked down the fabric. Now, the store will make sure Cami has the shirt in different sizes, so she can wear it into adulthood.

"The executive said they don't want us to scour the internet to have something that our daughter loves so much. And, of course, I was bawling again."

Deborah is, to say the least, glad for the generosity of strangers worldwide.

"We are all in this together and we are supposed to help each other out and that's been reaffirmed."

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