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Mom's warning after two-year-old falls from window

Mom's warning after two-year-old falls from window

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs mother says she can't believe her two-year-old fell out their third floor window.

It happened Tuesday (4/29/14) afternoon at the Hill Park Apartments on North Murray Boulevard. That's on the city's southeast side.

Jamie Barrett gave her two-year-old angel extra love on Wednesday.

"I told them no. I was like no, no don't. Get back over here," said Barrett

Barrett says her three children were in their room and she was in her bedroom when she noticed their hands sticking out the window. She says she can see the kids' window open from her bedroom window.

"I got up and said close the window, and I got up to go over there. They were both next to the window, trying to close it. It was just terrifying," said Barrett. "My middle child backed up, but my little one went over. I went to try to grab him when he fell out the window."

Angel fell three floors and hit the ground.

"When he hit the ground, he just looked at me with his eyes like mom, what happened to me? It was just so scary. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if he was going to live," she said.

Angel is okay with only a few bruises and scratches.

Barrett said when Angel got to the hospital doctors told her they couldn't believe he wasn't more hurt and that maybe Angel himself had an angel with him when he fell.

Barrett says the window screen was broken before angel fell.

"There was no screws on there either," she said. Hill Park management put in new screws, she said.

She doesn't want another child to fall ever again. So mom has this message for other parents.

"Keep a close eye on kids if you stay on a third floor. Keep your windows blocked and locked, especially windows that are really low to the ground," said Barrett.

Police say there won't be any charges. They say it was an accident with fortunately, no serious injuries.

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