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Moose population thrives in Colorado

Moose poulation thrives in Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colo - If you come across a moose the best advice is to back away slowly and give it plenty of space to roam.

There was a rare moose sighting in Southern Colorado near the Air Force Academy Sunday morning.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife there has been growing moose population in the Centennial state since its introduction here decades ago.

"Moose were introduced to Colorado in the late 1970s, we brought a couple in from Utah and ever since the population has been expanding," Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Abbie Walls said.  "The moose population is thriving in Colorado.

Experts say moose sighting happens much more often in the northern part of the state. Walls contends there are a couple sightings every year in Southern Colorado. Sunday's was the first of 2014.

These animals can weigh up to 1,200 pounds, are not afraid of humans and are very aggressive.

Viewer Christopher Fidele, an avid hunter, posted on KRDO NewsChannel 13's Facebook page: "People don't realize how mean those suckers are. I would worry more about a moose encounter than a mountain lion. The mountain lions will almost always leave you alone."

Experts thinks the moose is most likely near Fountain Creek tonight as creeks are natural highways for wildlife.

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