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More red-light cameras to appear in Pueblo

More red-light cameras to appear in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. - Pueblo is cracking down on drivers who zoom through red lights. The city already has traffic cameras planted at two intersections. The Pueblo Chieftain reports three more cameras are going to be added.

Since 2009, red-light cameras at the intersections of Prairie and Thatcher avenues and the U.S. 50 Bypass and Norwood Avenue have been snapping photos of all who dare to unlawfully cruise right by.

"People run red lights and I think if there's a camera and they know there's a camera and they're gonna get a ticket for it, then they'll be more prone to stop for the caution lights," said Raedeen Headrick.

Once the light turns yellow, drivers have three and a half seconds to cross the intersection. If they don't, a camera snaps a shot of their license plate and the driver receives a ticket in the mail.

"I really think the cameras will save lives," Headrick said.

Police say the cameras work, adding that 97 percent of the people who got a ticket in the city's two monitored intersections never got a second ticket. But many drivers question how effective the cameras are.

"There are still several accidents here a month, sometimes several in a week," said Brad Gillispie, who lives near the intersection.

"They do a good job of maybe saving lives, but they seem to flash for no reason," said Greg Harris.

Drivers say the cameras have the potential to be effective but say they've seen the cameras flash unnecessarily all too often.

The new cameras will be added at the following intersections: Prairie and Northern avenues, Pueblo Boulevard and Northern Avenue, and Fourth Street and Abriendo Avenue.

The city says there are a high number of accidents at all of these intersections.

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