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More teens getting high in Colorado Springs ?

Kids Getting High

COLROADO SPRINGS, Colo. - More kids are testing positive for marijuana in Colorado Springs than ever before according to one drug testing company.

The drug testing company Conspire said it started after Amendment 64 became law.

"Immediately we saw a spike. I mean, that very week we saw a spike," said Jo McGuire, the Drug and Alcohol Compliance Director of Conspire.

Health professionals told KRDO NewsChannel13 it is important not to let stereotypes trick you.

Any kid could be getting high. Some are high achievers and income doesn't matter. Amendment 64 made marijuana legal for adults, but that's not stopping kids.

"They don't see it as any different. We say drinking is over the age of 21, but we know young people drink," said McGuire.

Conspire works with four school districts in El Paso County. Before Amendment 64 they were testing kids once a month on average. Now it's happening once a week, and some teens have more THC in their systems than adults who use regularly.

Marijuana proponents disagree with Conspire. Activist Mark Slaugh said CDC studies show a drop in teen cannabis use when a state regulates marijuana.

All sides agree teens should not be using cannabis, and said education is the best way to keep teens from getting high.

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