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More than 1,000 pack gym in Buena Vista to honor family

Thousands honor the Johnson Family

BUENA VISTA, Colo. - Buena Vista High School's gym was packed passed capacity to remember Dwayne, Dawna and Kiowa Johnson.

They died in a rock slide while hiking on Monday.

Paris Walkup and Baigen Walker were also involved and died. They were visiting the family from Missouri.

Gracie Johnson survived the accident. She was at the ceremony with her brother Dakota.

"It has been amazing how this town came together, all the rescue effort, it's just been awesome," Dakota Johnson said.

There were tributes, stories shared and tears were shed.

People from all over Colorado came to pay their respects to the Johnson's.

Friends, teammates and students felt they were part of the Johnson family. Others remember their kindness and for some, the family played a huge role in their life.

After the service, balloons were released with messages to the Johnson family.

McGinnes Middle School is making a scholarship honoring the sole survivor of the rock slide, Gracie Johnson.

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