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More tumbleweed trouble in eastern El Paso County

Tumbleweed troubles

HANOVER, Colo. - Tumbleweeds are scattered throughout the town of Hanover.

One woman said she is trapped because of the dry bushy plant.

Monica Mills is trying to find help to free herself from the tumbleweeds.

Mills has to walk through a field of tumbleweeds, which are up to her hip, in order to leave her property.

She doesn't want to drive her car through the tumbleweeds because she feels it's dangerous.

"I'm worried about it sparking a fire from the catalytic converter," Mills said.

Mills said she hasn't driven out of her property since January, but she said she has stored food and other necessities that she can use until the tumbleweeds are cleared out.

Mills is also concerned about the tall piles of tumbleweeds in Hanover.

"In my opinion, that's causing more of a powder keg out here," she said.

El Paso County Public Services Operations Manager Max Kirshbaum said tumbleweeds have been a problem in the area since November.

The county is mowing and letting the wind take care of the dry bushy plant, but Kirshbaum said there is another solution available.

"When the environmental conditions are right, like snow on the ground, it gives us the opportunity to allow some types of burning," he said.

Kirshbaum said the county can't help Mills' tumbleweeds problem.

Mills doesn't have family in Colorado to clear the tumbleweeds, but she said she isn't giving up on finding help.

El Paso County said if you are going to burn any tumbleweeds call your local fire department before doing so.

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