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More victims being uncovered in scam

Renters bamboozled by scammers

New Rental Scam Victim

FOUNTAIN, Colo - A rental scam I first told you about in Colorado Springs has exploded in Southern Colorado.  At least five families in Fountain have now been snared by this thieves.  They pretend to be realtors and have a lock box containing a key to a home that seems to good to be true to rent.  It really is too good to be true.  The house is vacant and these thieves don't represent the owner. 

Brittney is the latest victim who called us to tell her she got bamboozled by these flim flam men.  It's the same strategy as the previous family I introduced you to earlier this week.  Brittney and her husband live in Fountain.  She is nine months pregnant and a has a young child.  She couldn't believe it when Fountain Police told her the bad news that her money is gone with her dream of putting down roots. 

What's adding insult to injury to her is the fact that the owner of the home is a Fort Carson soldier who was killed in action in Iraq.  We tried to contact his wife and were unable to reach her.  We did call the sister of the deceased soldier who couldn't believe what happened to Brittney and her family.  She is not angry with them and wished them well. 

Fountain Police have told Brittney she has a few weeks to find a new home.  She is prepared to do it, despite seeing two thousand dollars of her money go up in smoke with these two scam artists. 

You have a lot of options to find out if someone is a licensed realtor.  You can call your county's association of realtors to determine if they are an agent in good standing or go online to the Department Of Regulatory Agencies.  You can also check their credentials on the website.  To learn more about a property, go to your county's assessor office and look at the history of a property. 

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